How To Use Whatsapp in PC

Hey, guys Whatsapp is a largest messenger in the world . Everyone wants to use Whatsapp in the world . Then the question is for Pc users that how to use Whatsapp in Pc . Its answer is simple that Whatsapp latestly launched  Whatsapp Application for Pc users who are using Mac OS X 10.9 Or higher , Windows 8 and higher For Both 32-bit and 64-bit . Mac users can Download It from Here

and windows users can download it from who using 32-bit Here and who using 64-bit from Here .

But the question comes that how to use whatsapp on that device who’re not running these OS . I have answer of this problem . There are two methods for PC users They are following :-

1.   The first method is that to Download Bluestacks You can download it from here –

                                        DOWNLOAD BLUESTACKS

This is best Android Emulator For Pc .

2. The second Method is to use whatsapp web:-

Firstly open Whatsapp Web Then a QR code will flashing on your computer screen then open whatsapp app on your mobile in settings you can find whatsapp web click on it after it a QR code scanning window will open Then scan the QR code showing on PC’s screen . After It your Whatsapp will open on PC .

*Bluestacks,Whatsapp,Android are trademarks of their Respective owners .


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