How to secure profile pic on Facebook with Facebook Guard

How to secure Pic of Facebook


How To Deactivate Facebook Account

If you are not interested in Facebook but want a break from it not for whole life but for sometime for that this post is very helpful for you . But If you want a whole life break from it go to Permanently Delete Facebook account . But if you want to take a break for sometime use this... Continue Reading →

How To Create A Facebook Page

Facebook pages are great way to showup your talent if you want to make a Facebook page do these simple steps . At First open the second step is to login with your email or mobile number when you got signed in you will see a Get Started button click on it . Then give your page a name... Continue Reading →

Apply Your Website Listed on Google

Today I am telling you about How you can apply your website listed on Google . At the time of today every Website Owner wants that his/her website will listed on Google . But A problem can occured with some Website Builder that is they don't SEO Friendly Website on free Website . So If you aalso want... Continue Reading →

How To Download YouTube Videos’ In MP3

Youtube is a larger video container in the world . If you want to download Youtube Video' in 3gp,mp4,HD etc. You can go to this page for Download video   But If you want to download audio of the video you have to open the video and copy its YouTube link and open this link :-     Download YouTube... Continue Reading →

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